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Seafood Expo North America 2024

We had a busy three days at Seafood Expo North America. See below for all the highlights from Boston.


Panel focuses on why business should support small-scale and artisanal fisheries

The seafood industry cannot always wait for governments to develop legal frameworks for small-scale fisheries, Andre Brugger of Netuno USA, noted at a panel sponsored by SFP. Instead, “let’s solve the problem ourselves,” he said, adding that fisher participation is key. “They need to be at the table to help us construct the solution.”
A key challenge for Chilean stone crab producers, Claudio Pichaud of the Ancud Crab Producers’ Committee noted, is getting companies who buy their product to support their fishery improvement project. Brugger echoed this sentiment: “If we say our product comes from a FIP, but we are not supporting the FIP, shame on us.
Small-scale fishing panel at Seafood Expo North America 2024

(L-R) Josette Genio, Bluer Seas Phillipines; Hugh Govan, University of the South Pacific School of Law and Social Science; Claudio Pichaud, Ancud Crab Producers’ Committee; Andre Brugger, Netuno USA; SFP Supply Chain Roundtables Director Amber Von Harten

Fishery IDs go global: Updates on pilot projects in South Africa and the Philippines

Fishery IDs event at SENA 2024

(Back, L-R) Mark Kaplan, Wholechain; Blake Stok, Thai Union North America; Kurt Hill, Cape Fish; Jayson Berryhill, Wholechain; (Front, L-R) Guy Pizzuti, Publix Super Markets; Brad Spear, SFP Global Policy Director; Michelle Bellinger, ICV Africa/Cape Fish

Fishery and industry representatives came together to highlight two pilot projects designed to test the use of fishery IDs, as part of an SFP-led project supported by the United Nations Development Programme Ocean Innovation Challenge.

Traceability and sustainability are “two sides of the same coin,” Blake Stok of Thai Union said, because if you can’t trace where your fish comes from, you can’t identify if there have been changes or improvements in the fishery.

Guy Pizzuti of Publix Super Markets added that, “The key to being successful in retail is building consumer trust, and trust is about traceability and transparency.” Fishery IDs help build transparency, he said. Publix is updating the packaging on its crab products to feature the fishery IDs, the first retailer to do so.

Publix and Thai Union have been working for the past year with Wholechain to test the IDs in the Philippines blue swimming crab fishery, while ICV Africa/Cape Fish and Wholechain are launching an effort to integrate the IDs across their yellowfin tuna and swordfish fisheries in South Africa.

Bycatch Solutions Showcase highlights projects to protect ocean wildlife

SFP’s Protecting Ocean Wildlife team hosted a Bycatch Solutions Showcase featuring representatives of projects that have already been funded through our Bycatch Solutions Hub, and others that are currently posted and seeking funding.

Bycatch Solutions Showcase at Seafood Expo North America 2024

Supply Chain Roundtable Showcase brings industry together to learn about SRs

Industry leaders and SFP representatives from our nine Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) gathered at our Supply Chain Roundtable Showcase to present their work and recruit additional supply chain companies to work together pre-competitively to impact the future of sustainable seafood.

Seen on the Convention floor

Thank you to all of our partners and colleagues who displayed our “Proud to Work with SFP” signs at their booths all around the Expo.

Alfa Gamma SENA 2024

Alfa Gamma Group

Beacon Fisheries SENA 2024

Beacon Fisheries

Beaver Street Fisheries SENA 2024

Beaver Street Fisheries

Cox's Shrimp Co. SENA 2024

Cox’s Shrimp Co.

Dominick's SENA 2024


Fesba SENA 2024


Fortune Fish & Gourmet SENA 2024

Fortune Fish & Gourmet

Groupe MDMP SENA 2024

Groupe MDMP

International Fund for Animal Welfare SENA 2024

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Incredible Fish SENA 2024

Incredible Fish

John Nagle Co. SENA 2024

John Nagle Co.

Lund's Fisheries SENA 2024

Lund’s Fisheries

Netuno SENA 2024


Ocean Garden SENA 2024

Ocean Garden

Pacific Coral SENA 2024

Pacific Coral

PanaPesca SENA 2024


Quirch/Panamei SENA 2024


Seafarers SENA 2024


Thai Union/Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods SENA 2024

Thai Union/Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods



Wood's Fisheries, SENA 2024

Wood’s Fisheries

Proud to Work with SFP graphic SENA 2024

Supply Chain Roundtables gathered to strategize for the future

Seven of our Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) met in person during the Expo to review past progress, discuss workplans and implementation, strategize on future opportunities, and brainstorm on how to recruit new participants.

Asian Farmed Shrimp SR
Asian Farmed Shrimp

The members of the Asian Farmed Shrimp SR shared company efforts to evaluate and address greenhouse gas emissions and committed to working together to align their efforts.

mahi mahi
Global Mahi

The Global Mahi SR learned about how they can work with their supply chains to address bycatch issues and opportunities to support bycatch reduction projects through SFP’s Bycatch Solutions Hub.

Global Octopus

The Global Octopus SR heard from Mohamed al Mamy from SMCP, who spoke to the SR about the Mauritanian government’s commitment to moving forward with the prospective octopus fishery improvement project (FIP) in Mauritania.

Global Squid SR
Global Squid

The Global Squid SR members brainstormed ways to recruit new companies to the SR, in light of the current risks associated with squid sourcing.

Red Snapper
Indonesian Snapper and Grouper

The Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR met with their Indonesian suppliers to discuss advancing their work on supporting co-management and legal fishing rights in their supply chains.

Mexican Shrimp
Mexican Shrimp

Mexican Shrimp SR participants had a frank discussion about the challenges and benefits of supply chain companies working collaboratively on sustainability projects, rather than single-supply-chain efforts.

yellow tail snapper
Mexican Snapper and Grouper

The Mexican Snapper and Grouper SR committed to bringing their peers into sustainability work and ensuring that a critical mass of suppliers on both sides of the border – Mexico and the US – are pushing for improvements in these fisheries.

SFP in the news

SFP and our partners and colleagues were featured in several news stories coming out of the Expo:

American supermarket chain Publix to feature SFP’s universal fish ID codes on crab packaging (Undercurrent News)

Avoiding Bycatch, Greener Packaging, and Local Reliance Touted as Sustainable Solutions at Seafood Expo (eco RI news)

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