Promoting Regenerative Aquaculture

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More than half of the world’s seafood, by volume, is farmed, and aquaculture has grown more than 500 percent in the past three decades.

Aquaculture supports millions of people, including many small-scale farmers in developing countries.

SFP engages international markets, the middle of the seafood supply chain, and fishers and local communities to ensure a reliable and safe supply of farmed seafood, using our Framework for Sustainably Managed Aquaculture as a roadmap. 

Focus on Asia

Our initial focus is on major fish-farming countries in Asia – China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In these countries, we are working with producers, NGO partners, industry, and governments to create new frameworks and tools for environmentally sustainable production and to stop disease outbreaks that have devastated farmers.

These activities are supported by an industry-led coalition that includes the leading North American and European importers of Asian farmed shrimp – the Asian Farmed Shrimp Supply Chain Roundtable.

We are committed to better protection for our lands and waters and improving animal welfare, which reduces the disease outbreaks that have disrupted our supply chains in the past. SFP’s Framework for Sustainably Managed Aquaculture and the Asian Farmed Shrimp SR provide us with an opportunity to source from regions that are making demonstrable progress in tackling these issues.”

– Stacy Schultz, director of marketing and sustainability coordinator, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, and industry chair of the Asian Farmed Shrimp Supply Chain Roundtable


Ensure a Sustainable Future

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