Advisory Services

Cutting edge sustainability advisory services specifically tailored for the seafood sector.

In today’s world, sustainability is non-negotiable.

SFP’s Advisory Services team offers expert guidance and actionable solutions to elevate your company’s commitments to sustainable practices and drive lasting positive impacts.

Our Advisory Services are available to any company, including SFP partners and non-partners.
Advisory Services overview graphic showing an arrow going from FishSource on the left through Seafood Metrics in the middle to Ocean Disclosure Project on the right



Advisory Services is powered by SFP’s Seafood Metrics platform, the leading global solution for tracking, monitoring, and evaluating seafood sourcing performance. Seafood Metrics analyzes seafood sourcing using data from FishSource, SFP’s public online database of fisheries and aquaculture information. While Seafood Metrics gives companies a private location for their data, the Ocean Disclosure Project provides a transparent, public location for companies to disclose the sustainability of their seafood sources.

Why work with SFP Advisory Services?

Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed at the multitude of requirements stemming from market expectations, NGO standards, customer demands, and ever-evolving legislation?

Advisory Services can help, with sustainability expertise, tailored solutions, holistic strategies, data-driven sustainability plans, and continuous improvement strategies. Click below for more information on what we can do for your business.

Advisory Services Resources and Tools

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Seafood Metrics

Dive into the world of data-driven sustainability with Seafood Metrics. The first stage of your sustainability journey involves collecting data, so you can know where you are starting from. Our cutting-edge tool allows you to gather, analyze, and visualize key metrics related to your seafood supply chain. From traceability to environmental impact, Seafood Metrics equips you with the insights needed to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

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Ocean Disclosure Project

Once you are ready, you can join us in promoting transparency and accountability through the Ocean Disclosure Project. This initiative allows your business to disclose key information about your seafood sourcing practices, fostering trust and integrity within the industry. Showcase your commitment to sustainable practices with the ODP, reinforcing your brand’s dedication to responsible sourcing.

Partner with us on your sustainability journey

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