What We Do

We focus on the root causes of fisheries management problems to create a path to long-term sustainability and productivity.

We work with industry at all levels of the supply chain to achieve steady and continuous improvements in fisheries and seafood production, instead of asking consumers and buyers to avoid less-sustainable seafood.


We partner with many of the world’s largest retailers, brands, and foodservice companies to advance global seafood sustainability and marine conservation by using their leverage to drive change and improvement down their supply chains. 

Engaging the Supply Chain

Our unique and proven set of methods and tools enable companies throughout the seafood supply chain to adopt and implement more responsible practices and policies via Supply Chain Roundtables. These forums bring together international buyers and importers in specific seafood sectors to scale-up their individual efforts and more effectively advocate for improvements.

Working with Fishers and Processors

We work with fisher organizations and local processors to drive changes in policies and practices in seafood producing countries and regions, and encourage participation in Fishery Improvement Projects and Aquaculture Improvement Projects. We help build international support for national improvement work and provide useful data and training materials. 

“As a longtime partner of SFP, we have benefited from SFP’s knowledge and expertise to strengthen our sustainability commitments and help us achieve our own strategic goals, while working toward improving global seafood sustainability and supporting healthy oceans.”

– Bill DiMento, Vice President, Sustainability & Government Affairs, High Liner Foods

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Tools for Sustainability

  • Identify Sustainability Risks

    Our Seafood Metrics system provides businesses with a customized analysis of the level of sustainability risk in their source fisheries.
  • Get Fisheries & Aquaculture Information

    Our FishSource, a one-of-a-kind public online resource, contains profiles on the sustainability status of thousands of fisheries and dozens of aquaculture regions.
  • Promote Transparency

    Our Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) helps companies publicly disclose their seafood sourcing, so that stakeholders can monitor the accuracy of corporate claims and make informed buying decisions.
  • Assess Fisheries Improvements

    SFP’s FIP Evaluation Tool defines and assesses fishery improvement projects (FIPs) against six stages of achievement, to quickly understand the rate at which a fishery is improving.

Impact and Initiatives

We tackle major challenges to seafood sustainability, with a focus on increasing industry capacity and leadership to ensure widespread adoption of best practices and long-term change.

  • Protecting Ocean Wildlife: Engaging retailers, the seafood industry, and the entire supply chain to reduce bycatch of non-target species in fisheries worldwide.
  • Supporting Small-scale Fisheries: Supporting effective “co-management” strategies that give fishers a voice in decision making.
  • Improving Fisheries Management: Aligning seafood supply chain actors to work together to address the persistent challenges of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
  • Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture: Working with producers, NGO partners, industry, and governments to improve aquaculture management and stop disease outbreaks.
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Target 75

SFP’s Target 75 Initiative aims to ensure that 75 percent of seafood (by volume) in 12 key sectors is either sustainable or making regular, verifiable improvements.

Global Map of SFP Presence

We are Global

SFP and our partners have reached more than 60 countries and hundreds of fisheries, in nearly all of the world’s oceans and seas.

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