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Science is central to our work.

Our technical experts analyze and interpret fisheries and aquaculture data from around the world to provide objective and credible scientific information to the seafood industry.  

We make this information available to seafood companies through a suite of innovative tools and services that help businesses drive change in their supply chains and advance their own sustainability goals, while working with SFP to improve the overall sustainability of global seafood and the health of the world’s oceans.

  • Seafood Metrics

    Provides businesses with a customized analysis of the level of sustainability risk in their source fisheries, including both wild-caught and farmed seafood.
  • FishSource

    An online public resource with profiles of thousands of fisheries and dozens of aquaculture regions, offering timely, impartial, and actionable information on fisheries and aquaculture sustainability and needed improvements.
  • Ocean Disclosure Project

    An online public reporting platform for companies to voluntarily disclose their seafood sourcing and information about the sustainability of those sources.
  • FIP Evaluation Program

    SFP’s FIP Evaluation Tool to define and assess FIP achievements, and our FIP Progress Ratings system to understand the rate at which a fishery is improving.

Target 75

SFP’S Target 75 Initiative (T75) aims to ensure that 75 percent of seafood (by volume) in 12 key sectors is either sustainable or making regular, verifiable improvements. Together, the T75 sectors cover most of the main types of seafood consumed in North America and Europe, and a significant portion of what is consumed in Japan.

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