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Indonesian Snapper and Grouper

The Indonesian Snapper and Grouper Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) monitors and supports fishery improvement projects (FIPs) in Indonesian snapper and grouper fisheries. The SR engages with Indonesian exporters/processors and the Indonesian government on fishery policy and management, supports co-management in the artisanal fishery, and works to develop sourcing commitments and policies on sustainability issues and sourcing best practices.

The SR includes leading US importers sourcing from Indonesia. The global snapper and grouper sector is comprised of the wild and farmed snapper (Lutjanidae family) and grouper (Serranidae family) species. Most snapper and grouper species are coastal demersal fish, generally associated to hard-bottom habitats (rocky or reef areas). Snapper and grouper are highly valuable in US, European, and some Asian markets. These species are generally traded live, fresh (or chilled), or frozen.

Indonesia accounts for about 40 percent of global snapper and grouper production, with both species sold in domestic and international markets. A significant majority of Indonesian production (estimated at 80 percent) remains in-country and is sold in the Indonesian domestic market.

There are two existing national-level FIPs:

These FIPs only cover about 20 percent of Indonesia’s wild snapper and grouper production. In order to achieve the long-term sustainability goals, this SR must focus its efforts on working to support improvements toward effective co-management in the snapper and grouper small-scale fishery. To do so, the SR should undergo extensive expansion to include more US-based importers, Indonesia-based suppliers, and suppliers to other Asian markets. Additionally, the SR work must be used to leverage sustainability efforts within the domestic markets.

See a list of all SR members.

Read the Snapper and Grouper Sector Sustainability Update 2021.

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To join this Supply Chain Roundtable, or for more information, please contact Amber Von Harten.

Q1 2024 Update:

  • The SR held a joint meeting with the Indonesian Demersal Association FIP companies during Seafood Expo North America in Boston. During the closed session meeting, the companies discussed strategy and activities for supporting co-management in the snapper-grouper fishery in Indonesia related to vessel registration.
  • The SR approved the 2024 SR workplan and will continue to focus activities on supporting efforts to ensure co-management is effectively implemented in the Indonesian snapper grouper fishery.

SR Strategy

SFP has advised the Supply Chain Roundtable participants of the following improvement needs in Indonesian snapper and grouper fisheries, and participants will focus their work through 2025 on the following strategic priorities:

Support development and implementation of co-management policies at the provincial, fishery management area, and national levels.

Fishers have not been formally engaged in sustainability and fishery improvement efforts to date, even though small-scale fishers represent close to 90 percent of the sector. A majority of these fishers also remain unlicensed and vessels are unregistered. There is an opportunity to support the small-scale fishery sector in engaging in co-management activities, such as ensuring legal fishing rights, that will lead to effective sustainability initiatives through development of sourcing policies and commitments. See SFP’s Supporting Small-Scale Fisheries initiative for additional details on co-management.

Provide support for scientific studies in collaboration with government, research institutes, and industry.

The data required for development of fishery management plans is limited. With over 65 species within the snapper and grouper complex with very complicated life-history traits, the status of many stocks is unknown. With this focus, the supply chain has the opportunity to support scientific efforts to analyze stock status and health through development of data-poor methodologies, catch/production data, and life-history data, allowing for the development of appropriate harvest strategies for this multi-species fishery and sourcing specifications that will support best fishing practices and reduce the landings of juvenile fish.

Strengthen and support expansion of the Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR.

Exports of Indonesian snapper and grouper to international markets make up only 20% of the country’s total production, with 80% remaining in-country for the domestic markets. Of the 20% exported to international markets, approximately 30% is exported to the US, with the majority of the remaining exports going to China and Malaysia. Recruiting new SR participants from other importing countries would help increase the leverage of the SR.

SR Participation Requirements

  • Any company interested in participating in the Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR should contact the Indonesian Snapper and  Grouper SR lead at SFP.
  • Participants must review the current SR workplan and budget and sign a participation agreement on an annual basis.
  • Each company is expected to make an annual contribution to participate in the Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR. The contribution will be based on the annual budget for the activities to be conducted as part of the current SR workplan.
  • Participants are encouraged to attend regular meetings (at least three virtual and one in-person).
  • Participants are required to engage and collaborate with SFP and other technical experts, as requested and needed.

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To join this Supply Chain Roundtable or for more information, please contact Amber Von Harten.