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A core priority of SFP’s strategy is to ensure that fishery and aquaculture improvement projects (FIPs and AIPs) make good progress under local industry leadership, with strong and engaged support from international markets. Our dedicated SFP initiatives seek to tackle some of the tough issues that FIPs and AIPs have not consistently addressed to date, with a focus on increasing industry capacity and leadership on these challenges.


Target 75

SFP’s Target 75 (T75) Initiative is a large-scale effort toward achieving sustainability in some of the world’s biggest and most visible seafood sectors. T75 seeks to create the large-scale change and momentum needed to make all seafood sustainable. The initiative aims to ensure that 75 percent of seafood (by volume) in 13 key sectors is either sustainable or making regular, verifiable improvements.

Target 75

Other Initiatives

  • Protecting Ocean Wildlife

    Engaging and mobilizing retailers, the seafood industry, and the entire supply chain to reduce the worldwide bycatch of sharks, seabirds, marine mammals, and sea turtles.
  • Supporting Small-Scale Fisheries

    Helping small-scale fishers to play a greater role in the management of their fisheries and increase sustainability.
  • Improving Fisheries Management

    Supporting businesses to engage governments and improve the policies that govern fishing and aquaculture. This includes measures to control illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing.
  • Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture

    Engaging governments and fish farmers to control the environmental impacts of aquaculture through effective planning and management.

Solve My Bycatch Problem tool

Our new interactive tool helps users find and evaluate bycatch solutions based on species, effectiveness, ease of implementation, and cost.

Assortment of cans of seafood

Success Stories

Highlights from nearly two decades of leadership in making fisheries and aquaculture more sustainable.

Success Stories

SFP Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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