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Sustainability intelligence for the seafood industry

SFP’s Seafood Metrics system can help your company more fully understand the level of sustainability risk in your source fisheries, including both wild-caught and farmed seafood.

Seafood Metrics is a data-driven tool that empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and effectively implement sustainable practices. By leveraging the power of data and information, your company can not only meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations, but also drive continuous improvement in your environmental performance and overall business success.

How can Seafood Metrics help your business?

Seafood Metrics is a versatile asset, catering to the distinct needs of different units within your company. Its adaptability serves as a valuable resource, enhancing operational efficiency across various functions.

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The power of FishSource

Seafood Metrics is built on data from SFP’s FishSource database of wild fisheries and aquaculture regions and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s global production data. This offers your company access to a growing list of 5,000+ fishery IDs, 1,400+ stocks, and 600+ species, as well as hundreds of aquaculture production areas to report against.

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Assess your sourcing risks with Seafood Metrics

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