Aquaculture Improvement Projects

10 Years of Aquaculture Improvement Projects

Join us for a three-part webinar series on knowledge and learnings from a decade of developing and implementing aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs).

An aquaculture improvement project (AIP) is a multi-stakeholder effort that leverages the influence of the private sector to drive improvements in aquaculture production and make these changes endure through policy change. 

AIPs should operate at scales greater than farm level, focused on the implementation of sustainable aquaculture policies at zonal and regional scales and improved government management. SFP’s Framework for Sustainably Managed Aquaculture is a roadmap for comprehensive improvements to aquaculture management beyond the farm level.


  • Introduction to AIPs
  • AIP Toolkit: General guidance on how to initiate and run an AIP, as well as templates and examples of documentation to support project implementation. 
  • AIP Directory: An independent, online platform for information sharing on active AIPs.
AIPs timeline

SFP@15 Aquaculture Improvement Projects timeline

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