Seafood Metrics

Sustainability Intelligence for the Seafood Industry

SFP’s Seafood Metrics allows companies to more fully understand the level of sustainability risk in their source fisheries, including both wild-caught and farmed seafood. Metrics uses FishSource data to provide businesses with a customized analysis of their seafood portfolios, based on a range of indicators of sustainability. 

Metrics aggregates and tracks information on governance quality, target stock health, human rights risks, and environmental impacts in a company’s source fisheries. This helps businesses evaluate the sustainability of their seafood, understand the effectiveness of existing improvement efforts, and identify the most important priorities for improvements.

Seafood Metrics has been in use for more than a decade by some of the leading retailers and most respected companies across North America and Europe. More than 500 suppliers are already using the system to report to their customers. 

Until 2020, Seafood Metrics was only available to SFP’s partner companies. However, as part of our new Advisory Services portfolio, Metrics is now publicly available to any business interested in understanding more about its source fisheries.

SFP also provides related sustainability consulting services, such as:

  • General supply chain questions for wild fisheries and aquaculture
  • Advice on how to account for seafood sources not included in FishSource and recommendations
  • Other sustainability guidance that can include company policy, procurement, staff training, transparency, and industry engagement.

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