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  • January 25, 2023

    SFP and University of Washington Release Updated FIP Database, which celebrates its 5th anniversary

  • January 10, 2023

    Shrimp Farming Can Benefit Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

    New SFP research finds shrimp farming, once a driver of mangrove loss, can protect and restore this critical ecosystem
  • January 4, 2023

    New Research: Retailers and Foodservice Can Reverse the Decline of Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Seabirds

    SFP study finds a profound loss of nature in the Western Central Pacific Ocean, but voluntary actions by tuna buyers can recover vulnerable marine wildlife populations

Supply Chain Roundtables and Innovation

“Crossing the Chasm,” a four-part Seafood Source series features interviews with key SFP Supply Chain Roundtable players about how they are pushing for wider adoption of sustainable practices in the global seafood industry.

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