Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) announced two new programs as part of the organization’s efforts to enhance the availability and accuracy of information assessing the ecological sustainability of fisheries for principal market species through FishSourceTM (, the group’s online resource about the status of fish stocks and fisheries.

Program #1: FishSource Support Program is now soliciting proposals for these specific activities:

  • Projects that produce new or expand existing national and regional FishSource profiles of marine capture fisheries; 
  • Projects that apply FishSource fishery assessment findings as the basis for research, industry commercial demonstrations, and/or governance activities.

Program #2:  FishSource Researchers Program is aimed at expanding the online contributor network for FishSource. The program is seeking researchers who can collect and summarize the minimum information needed for new fishery profiles (very basic data on stock status, fishery management, gear technology, and impact on endangered species and habitats). Projects funded under #1, the FishSource Support Program must be completed in one calendar year under a fixed price contract, with funding awarded on a competitive basis as reviewed by a proposal evaluation committee. Researchers contracted under #2, the FishSource Researchers Program will receive an annually renewable contract with assignments made very short-term and must submit monthly invoices based on hours worked.  

About FishSource FishSource provides major seafood buyers with up-to date, impartial, actionable information on the sustainability of fisheries and the improvements they need to make to become sustainable. 

Note:Fishsource is now on Twitter. Follow us @FishSource.