Tropical Forest Alliance


Tool Type

Improvements - landscape and jurisdictional approach

Risk Type

Climate change | Environmental

Feed Ingredients

drawing of an algae cell


line drawing of a chicken

Animal proteins (LAP/PAP)

link drawing of a fish skeleton

Aquaculture trimmings

line drawing of wheat sprigs


line drawing of insect larvae


line drawing of a palm with an oil droplet

Oil palm

line drawing of dna and molecule structure

Single-cell proteins (SCP)

line drawing of soy pods


line drawing of a vitamin gel capsule

Vitamins & minerals

line drawing of a fish

Wild capture fisheries

What is it?

The Tropical Forest Alliance is a multi-stakeholder partnership platform established to support companies through the ongoing global transition to deforestation-free supply chains for commodities including palm oil, soy, beef, and paper/pulp.  They catalyze the power of collective action to drive the world’s transition to deforestation-free supply chains, ensuring a forest-positive future.