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    Whitefish Sustainability Overview 2014

    SFP’s sustainability overview of the global whitefish sector. See the report's data annex here.
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    New Fisheries Experts Join Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

    The two will be adding capacity and expertise to SFP as it expands its global work, particularly focused on leading supplier roundtables, which aim to make large-scale improvements across major seafood sectors.  Jose Parajua has more than 25 years experience in marine resources and coastal communities development including work for…
  • Press Release

    Annual Review of Wild Salmon Fisheries Published

    Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) today released its annual review of the state of wild salmon fisheries. The analysis covers 82 principal Pacific salmon fisheries that target five species (pink, chum, sockeye, coho, and Chinook salmon) across the North Pacific and account for 95% of the global wild-capture commercial salmon harvest.…
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    Pacific Salmon: SFP Fisheries Sustainablity Overview 2014

    SFP’s sustainability overview of the Pacific salmon sector. See the report's data annex here.
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    Reducing trade in illegal crab from Russia

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently released a report on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) crab fishing in the Russian Far East (RFE).  The report highlights the significant problem of illegal crab harvest and documents several channels by which illegal crab reaches the market.  In particular, the report analyses trade statistics and concludes…
    Coldwater crab
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    Sri Lanka tuna: An update from the field

    It takes a lot of planning to get a FIP running well. Besides extensive organizing and meetings, FIP participants often put in a lot of personal, hands-on effort. The Sri Lanka Tuna FIP is a good example of this. We recently received an update about progress in the FIP from…
    long line tuna
  • Press Release

    FRINSA becomes the first Spanish cannery to actively collaborate with SFP

    Galician cannery FRINSA, whose main factory is located in Ribeira (Province of La Coruña), has become the first Spanish company within the sector to join forces with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), a non-governmental organisation specialising in the promotion of sustainable fisheries and defense of the marine environment through every step…
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    SFP News October 2014