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    The Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs

    An introduction to setting up and running a fishery improvement project.
  • Publication

    Guía de los FIP para la Industria Pesquera

    Spanish-language version of SFP's Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs
  • Press Release

    Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Launches the ‘Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs’

    SFP today released a new publication – ‘The Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs’. The guide is designed for seafood professionals who want an easy introduction to fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and links to more detailed resources. The Guide covers the basic stages of running an improvement project as well as…
  • Blog Post

    Themes from the world of improvement

    First, buyers and suppliers of seafood are becoming increasingly involved in fishery and aquaculture improvement projects. They recognize their ability to affect change by working with their suppliers, and the benefits of doing so – not just the ecological benefits to the fishery and ecosystem, but the economic benefits to…
    Gulf of Mexico Shrimp
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    SFP News April 2014

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    SFP Sustainability Overview of Wild Fisheries that Supply Shrimp

    First SFP sustainability overview of fisheries that target and supply shrimp.
  • Press Release

    ASDA pledges action on threatened marine wildlife with publication of new report

    Leading UK retailer Asda today pledged action to ensure the protection of marine wildlife that is ‘protected, endangered or threatened’ by commercial fishing with the publication of a report on tackling the problem of ‘bycatch’ (the accidental catching of non-target fish species). The report – ‘Minimizing and managing the impacts…