SFP is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Jealsa Rianxeira S.A.U. Group, based in Boiro, Spain, in the country’s Galicia region.

Founded in 1958, Jealsa is the top seafood canner in Spain and the second largest in Europe. Along with its own brands—Rianxeira, Escurís, MareAperto, and Robinson Crusoe—the group also supplies canned fish and seafood for the distributor Mercadona under the brand Hacendado. The group is made up of 26 societies dealing in four areas of activity—food (canned fish and shellfish, meal solutions, and pet food), fishing and services, environment, and energy. The group operates tuna vessels in the Atlantic.

“In the Jealsa Rianxeira Group, we have always been very aware that our growth and consolidation as a company is due to internationalization of our business model, characterized by the integration of full respect for human rights, the sustainable exploitation of resources, environmental responsibility, constant support of renewable energy, and the social and economic development of the towns and countries in which it is present,” said Ángeles Claro, the group’s Sustainability Manager.

The group is no stranger to sustainability. A member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), Jealsa operates a unique non-chemical water treatment plant and offers byproducts of its tuna processing to two companies, Conresa and Valora, which make fishmeal, fish extract, and gelatin.

“It is an encouraging sign for the future of sustainable seafood in Spain to see a group with the size and influence of Jealsa demonstrating such a strong commitment,” said Pedro Ferreiro, Deputy Director of SFP’s Buyer Engagement Team. “SFP is thrilled to be partnering with Jealsa, and we hope this will serve as inspiration to other Spanish seafood companies.”