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    Shrimp Sector Report on Aquaculture in Southeast Asia

    SFP's first sector report on shrimp aquaculture in Southeast Asia, identifying geographical areas needing improvement in six different countries. For a summary of the report, click here.
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    SFP News April 2016

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    A step in the right direction for octopus

    I was excited to see the news last month that the world’s first octopus fishery has been certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and that this fishery is right here in Spain. SFP has been committed to improving octopus fisheries, so this news serves as a welcome sign…
    Octopus swimming in the ocean
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    SFP eyes areas for improvement in first-ever shrimp sector report

    SFP looked at data gathered from local sources, as well as aggregated market analysis from SFP’s industry partners. The study covers shrimp produced in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has completed its first-ever sector report on shrimp aquaculture in Southeast…
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    SFP Snapper and Grouper Report Highlights Data Tracking Needs

    Boston — SFP Fisheries Analysts Patricia Amorim and Megan Westmeyer prepared the report, based in part on data collected from SFP’s fisheries database FishSource. SFP unveiled the report at Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Massachusetts, US on March 6. While the report does describe a steady increase in landings…
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    Snapper and Grouper: SFP Fisheries Sustainability Overview 2015

    A brief overview of the current status and trends in the snapper and grouper seafood sector,  the main gaps in knowledge, and areas where improvements are critical to ensure long-term sustainability.
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    SFP helps Mexican shrimp fishery achieve Fair Trade certification

    Del Pacifico Seafoods, based in Hermosa Beach, CA, US, holds the certification, along with its exclusive supplier MHMR International, which encompasses eight small-scale cooperatives of artisanal shrimp producers in Sinaloa, Mexico, currently participating in the FIP. In order to earn certification, the producers had to meet a series of criteria…
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    Rolling out the roundtables

    The start of a new year always invites fresh thinking and here at SFP we have some big new ideas for 2016. We have been delighted by the runaway success of fishery improvement projects in recent years but we’re also aware of the strain this places on those companies that…
    snow crab
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    North Star Seafood and Incredible Fish partner with SFP

    Pompano Beach, Florida. January 28, 2016 — North Star Seafood, Inc. and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) announced a new partnership plan today, dedicated to ensuring the environmentally and socially responsible sourcing of seafood. This partnership will bring focus to seafood sustainability for North Star’s retail customers, cruise lines, and chef-driven…
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    SFP praises ongoing work on Chinese tilapia farming improvement project

    Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is pleased to announce a new public report is available on a landmark aquaculture improvement project (AIP) in Hainan, China, that embodies the ideal situation SFP strives to see in all aquaculture sectors: A zonal aquaculture approach maintained by industry stakeholders. The project, now maintained by…