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    Seafood Expo Global 2024

    Join us in Barcelona at the world’s larges seafood trade show, April 23-25, 2024, at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue.
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    Seafood Expo North America 2024

    Visit our Seafood Expo North America webpage to see all the latest on SFP’s planned activities and events at North America’s largest seafood trade show, March 10-12, 2024, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. And stop by to see us at Booth #1075.
  • Press Release

    New SFP Report: Concerns for South American Reduction Fisheries

    South American reduction fisheries continue to decline or are stagnant in their management performance, according to a new report by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). Compared to 2022, in the sustainability category, two European fisheries improved while two South American fisheries dropped. The majority of fisheries assessed continue to be reasonably…
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    Reduction Fisheries Reports

    Since 2010, SFP has published an annual sustainability assessment of reduction fisheries around the globe. These reports review the stock, management, and sustainability status of the main Pacific and Atlantic stocks used in the production of fishmeal and fish oil.  
    fisherman catching fish in net on boat
  • Publication

    Reduction Fisheries: 2023 Management and Stock Status Sustainability Overview – Part 1

    Part 1 of the 14th edition of SFP's global sustainability overview of the main Pacific and Atlantic fish stocks used for reduction purposes.
  • Press Release

    Mauritanian government and key stakeholders publicly recognize the importance of the Octopus Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for the national fisheries strategy

    On September 20 and 21, a workshop took place in Nouadhibou, Mauritania,  bringing together representatives and key players in octopus fishing, management, research, and trading. The goal was to launch an octopus fishery improvement project (FIP) aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the fishery.  During the workshop, experts presented…
  • Publication

    Mahi-Mahi: una sinopsis de la situación global en términos de producción, comercio y desafíos de sostenibilidad

    Spanish language version of SFP's overview of the current status and trends in mahi-mahi production, trade, and fisheries sustainability challenges.
  • People

    Dearg Stobie

    Dearg works in Advisory Services and manages SFP’s technical databases of quantitative fisheries data. He is responsible for oversight of staff involved in designing and maintaining these databases. Before taking on his current role, Dearg worked part-time in IT support for SFP for seven years. He also spent 20 years teaching mathematics and…
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    SFP News September 2023

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    SFP Launches New Initiative to Address Bycatch of Marine Wildlife in Fisheries

    Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) announced today a new initiative to help major seafood buyers protect ocean wildlife from “bycatch” in commercial fisheries. Made possible by funding from the Walmart Foundation, SFP’s work will focus primarily on the tuna sector, one of the world’s most consumed seafood products. “Retailers and major…