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    Seafood Metrics

    SFP’s Seafood Metrics system can help your company more fully understand the level of sustainability risk in your source fisheries, including both wild-caught and farmed seafood. Seafood Metrics is a data-driven tool that empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and effectively implement sustainable practices. By leveraging the power…
    yellow fin tuna
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    Decoding Seafood Metrics risk ratings

    Unlock the power of our Seafood Metrics risk ratings, derived from cutting-edge scientific data translated into industry-friendly language. Empower your decision making with clarity and precision. Our risk ratings are based on publicly available scientific data, with insights from about 20 indicators of seafood sustainability certifications and ratings. This allows…
    shrimp trawler
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    Advisory Services

    In today’s world, sustainability is non-negotiable. SFP’s Advisory Services team offers expert guidance and actionable solutions to elevate your company’s commitments to sustainable practices and drive lasting positive impacts. Our Advisory Services are available to any company, including SFP partners and non-partners.
    School of fish
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    Explore Seafood Metrics

    Tailored solutions for sustainability success Seafood Metrics empowers your business with customizable features, driving success in your specific domain. Explore our innovative solutions, designed for individual users and teams alike. Our tool empowers your business with customizable features, driving success in your specific domain.
    Cod swimming underwater
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    Choose your Seafood Metrics system

    Whether you are a seafood customer or supplier, we have a system for you. Recognizing the unique needs of each kind of company, our specialized solutions guarantee a smooth experience for both parties, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in your business relationships. Join the 1000+ companies who are already using Seafood…
    Colorful fishing boats
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    2023 Year in Review

    The business of sustainable seafood At SFP, we believe that the business of sustainability is everyone’s business. That’s why we work with actors throughout the seafood supply chain to ensure that best practices are implemented, all voices are heard, and improvement efforts stick and lead to tangible results on the…
    Group of fishers hauling in a red net on a small fishing boat
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    Seafood Companies, Governments, and NGOs Support “Seabird-Safe Fishing Toolkit”

    Action and momentum is building across the Asia-Pacific tuna industry to reduce capture of threatened albatrosses and other seabirds in longline fisheries. Last week, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) joined more than 80 fishing company representatives and government officials from nine APEC economies in a roundtable to develop the Seabird-Safe Fishing…
    Black browed Albatross
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    Seafood Expo Asia 2023

    SFP Board member Dr. Cat Dorey represented SFP at Seafood Expo Asia 2023 in Singapore. Though much smaller than the Expos in Boston and Barcelona, this event is getting bigger every year. “The show was very dominated by China – representing about a third of the stalls,” Dr. Dorey said,…
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    Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit

    The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit (TSSS) is among Asia’s global flagship events. The event brings together diverse stakeholders focused on sustainable seafood systems, protecting the environment, and promoting growth in the seafood sector. Since its inception in 2015, TSSS, hosted by Seafood legacy, has served as a networking platform for…
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    IUU Fishing Webinar

    Recent stories and investigations are revealing and heightening attention to labor issues, on-the-water human rights, and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in seafood supply chains. Large scale illegal fishing undermines fish stocks, puts fishers at risk, and is unfair to fishers and suppliers operating legally. The ideal industry response…