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Decoding Seafood Metrics risk ratings

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Unlock the power of our Seafood Metrics risk ratings, derived from cutting-edge scientific data translated into industry-friendly language. Empower your decision making with clarity and precision.

Our risk ratings are based on publicly available scientific data, with insights from about 20 indicators of seafood sustainability certifications and ratings. This allows your business to customize how you capture and report your seafood sourcing, in a format that aligns with international standards for stock, species, fishing gear, and more.

Sources include Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), BAP, GlobalGAP, and EU Organic certification and ratings. In addition, you will also gain exclusive access to wild fishery risk ratings and farmed seafood improvement ratings, enhancing your strategic sustainability decision making.

Seafood Metrics Wild Fishery Risk Ratings

Seafood Metrics wild fishery risk ratings identify risk of assured supply in fisheries, based on FishSource’s wild fisheries assessment methodology, which evaluates management quality, stock health, and environmental impact. Wild fisheries are designated as low-, medium-, and high-risk, to help your business prioritize where to focus your resources. FishSource wild fishery risk ratings cover MSC-certified fisheries and FIPs, and are available for fisheries at-large.

Wild fishery risk ratings in Seafood Metrics

Seafood Metrics Aquaculture Improvement Ratings

Seafood Metrics evaluates improvement needs in aquaculture production, based on FishSource’s aquaculture methodology, which evaluates regulatory frameworks, producers’ codes of good practice, water-quality management, disease impact and risk reduction, and marine feed ingredient management. Aquaculture production improvement is measured at the state/provincial level by species, with designations of “significant,” “critical,” and “specific,” based on the degree of improvement needed to meaningfully improve environmental performance.

Seafood metrics farmed seafood risk ratings

Seafood Metrics Human Rights Risk Indicator

Enhance your risk assessment by incorporating our Human Rights Risk Indicator (HRRI) into our comprehensive risk ratings system. Our tool strategically pinpoints the highest-risk fisheries, enabling proactive risk mitigation against potential human rights abuses and increasing the resilience of your supply chain. Elevate your commitment to ethical sourcing and secure a more responsible and sustainable business future.

Seafood metrics human rights risk indicator map

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