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Tailored reports and advanced risk mapping

Unleash the true potential of your data: Custom solutions for accuracy challenges

Having an abundance of information can be a challenge when accuracy becomes elusive. We recognize the challenges posed by vast datasets that fall short on precision, and empower your organization with tailored solutions that turn your data deluge into a valuable asset. 

Data collection and review

  • Data quality assessment: Our specialized team conducts a thorough analysis of your existing data, identifying inaccuracies and inconsistencies to understand the unique challenges your organization faces in terms of data accuracy.
  • Customized data-cleaning algorithms: We design tailored solutions to clean and refine your data, ensuring accuracy without compromising on the depth and breadth of information. Our approach is adaptive, addressing the specific nuances of your dataset.
  • Data governance strategies: We help you implement robust data governance strategies, establishing protocols, standards, and checks to ensure the ongoing precision of your data over time, preventing inaccuracies from creeping in.
  • Scalable solutions: Our approach is not just about immediate improvements, it’s about building a foundation for scalable data accuracy. We work with you to create systems that evolve with your data needs, ensuring accuracy remains a constant, even as your dataset grows.


Empower your business with tailored annual and quarterly reports, crafted using the latest sustainability data. These reports:

  • Identify sustainability risks in your seafood sourcing
  • Monitor your company’s advancements in meeting sustainability commitments
  • Serve as a cornerstone for constructing your CSR and ESG reports, utilizing up-to-date seafood sourcing data
  • Furnish essential insights for formulating pragmatic purchasing policies
  • Give you the ability to communicate the true sustainability of your products effectively, by relying on open scientific resources for decision making.

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