SFP in Boston

Seafood Expo North America 2023

SFP’s presence at Seafood Expo North America was bigger than ever in 2023, with a larger booth in a more central location, and a full slate of events and activities. See below for all the highlights from Boston.

Thai Union leads call for restoration of endangered species

Adam Brennan, group director, sustainability, at Thai Union (second from right), presented their new commitment to only source from vessels that are implementing best practices to protect ocean wildlife from bycatch. Thai Union’s action is based on research by SFP on the risks to sharks, seabirds, turtles, and other marine wildlife in its source fisheries, and an analysis by Key Traceability of Thai Union’s tuna fishery improvement projects and in the highest risk fisheries that were identified in the audit.

Brennan was joined by (R-L) SFP Biodiversity and Nature Director Kathryn Novak and Key Traceability Director Iain Pollard, in a panel moderated by SFP CEO Jim Cannon.


Thai Union panel at SENA 2023

Bycatch Solutions Showcase connects retailers with gear experts

SFP Sustainability Crossroads was a focus of learning and sharing

Universal fishery IDs event at SENA 2023

L-R: Jayson Berryhill of Wholechain, Guy Pizzuti of Publix Super Markets; SFP Global Policy Director Brad Spear; SFP CEO Jim Cannon; Bill DiMento of High Liner Foods; and Blake Stok of Thai Union North America came together to announce pilot projects companies are championing through an SFP-led project to test the use of universal fishery IDs, supported by the United Nations Development Programme Ocean Innovation Challenge.

SFP team SENA 2023

We hosted several meet & greets with SFP staff at our booth, on issues including IUU fishing, Mexican seafood, our FIP Evaluation Tool, opportunities for industry to support small-scale fishers, marine ingredients and feed, and cephalopods.

Bycatch solutions hub launch SENA 2023

Richard Draves of Nestlé Purina (left) joined SFP’s Biodiversity and Nature Director Kathryn Novak and Bycatch Programs Coordinator Phillip Sanchez to launch and demo our new Bycatch Solutions Hub, a web-based platform that will connect seafood companies with innovators to reverse the decline of ocean wildlife.

ASOAMAN team at SFP booth SENA 2023

Representatives from the fisher-led Ecuador mahi-mahi – longline (ASOAMAN) FIP visited our booth before presenting on the FIP to the Global Mahi Supply Chain Roundtable.

World Benchmarking Alliance at SENA 2023

Helen Packer (second from right), of the World Benchmarking Alliance, presented the Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI), a WBA benchmark assessing the 30 most influential seafood companies.

Longline Environment at SENA 2023

SFP Aquaculture Director Jenna Stoner and Longline Environment CEO Rui Ferreira presented a new mapping tool, developed by SFP and Longline to identify where shrimp farming is located within or adjacent to mangrove habitat.

SAGE at SENA 2023

Cameron Moore, Julie Kuchepatov, and Becca Williams from Seafood and Gender Equality came by to discuss the empowerment and inclusion of women in the global seafood sector.

Global Fishing Watch at SENA 2023

Leah Buckley of Global Fishing Watch demonstrated GFW’s vessel tracker maps and risk assessment tools, which are available free to the seafood industry to help fight illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and reduce sourcing risks.

NGO Tuna Forum at SENA 2023

Robin Teets (right), of the NGO Tuna Forum, stopped by our booth to talk about the Forum’s expectations for data and transparency, and addressing bycatch in tuna fisheries.

Global Tuna Alliance at SENA 2023

Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) Executive Director Tom Pickerell brought cans of “overfished Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna,” to highlight GTA’s campaign to revise the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Agreement to improve responsible fisheries management.

Seen on the Convention floor

Thank you to all of our partners and colleagues who displayed our “Proud to Work with SFP” signs at their booths all around the Expo.

Pacific Coral booth SENA 2023

Pacific Coral

Thai Union booth SENA 2023

Thai Union/Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods

Fortune Fish booth SENA 2023

Fortune Fish & Gourmet

PanaPesca booth SENA 2023


Seafarers booth SENA 2023


Lund's Fisheries booth SENA 2023

Lund’s Fisheries

Beaver Street booth SENA 2023

Beaver Street Fisheries

WOFCO booth SENA 2023


Ocean Garden booth SENA 2023

Ocean Garden

ATUNLO booth SENA 2023


Beacon Fisheries booth SENA 2023

Beacon Fisheries

Grupo Alfrio booth SENA 2023

Grupo Alfrio

Supply Chain Roundtables gather to strengthen sector strategies

Eight of our Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) met in person during the Expo to discuss best practices and other improvement initiatives in their source fisheries, develop strategies for the coming year, and review workplans.

shrimp farming
Asian Farmed Shrimp

Asian Farmed Shrimp SR participants agreed on the 2023-24 workplan and budget, highlighting a focus for the next year on understanding the risks to farmed shrimp supply chains in a changing climate. The SR also elected a new industry chair, Blake Stok of Thai Union.

mahi mahi
Global Mahi

A group of mahi fishers from Ecuador presented the Ecuador mahi-mahi – longline (ASOAMAN) FIP to the members of the Global Mahi SR. The new fisher-led FIP is putting co-management principles into action in the Ecuador mahi fishery.

Global Octopus

The Global Octopus SR discussed the need for co-management, more involvement of fishers, and better transparency in small-scale octopus fisheries, and heard about a newly created octopus FIP in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Global Squid SR
Global Squid

Following on last year’s public commitment to prevent IUU fishing in their supply chains, the 20 members of the Global Squid SR signed an MoU demonstrating their commitment to implementing the strategy and better traceability and transparency in their own supply chains, beginning with strengthening their procurement policies.

Red Snapper
Indonesian Snapper and Grouper

The Indonesian Snapper & Grouper SR hosted a representative of the Indonesian government and received a proposal from the Indonesian Demersal Association, which is for the first time inviting US importers of snapper and grouper to join its FIP.

Mexican shrimp
Mexican Shrimp

Mexican Shrimp SR participants have nearly completed their legal verification audits for the 2022-2023 shrimp season and continue to see value in this rigorous process. They also discussed and agreed to the need to relaunch fishery improvement projects for both the industrial and artisanal shrimp fleets in the Gulf of California

Gulf of Mexico Snapper
Mexican Snapper and Grouper

The Mexican Snapper & Grouper SR established connections with several major US-based importers and invited them to join the current SR participants in providing unified market requests for progress toward more sustainable fisheries.

Gulf of Mexico brown shrimp
US Gulf of Mexico Shrimp

US Gulf of Mexico Shrimp SR participants discussed certification of the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery, which is now one step closer to Marine Stewardship Council and RFM certification.

SFP in the News

More scenes from SENA

Bycatch Hub launch SENA 2023
SFP booth at SENA 2023
Brad and Philippines government reps at SENA 2023
Bycatch Solutions Showcase at SENA 2023
SFP booth from above SENA 2023
SENA booth

Meet the team

headshot of Jim Cannon

Jim Cannon, Founder and CEO

headshot of Kathryn Novak

Kathryn Novak, Biodiversity & Nature Director

Ian Rolmanis

Ian Rolmanis, Global Markets Director

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Braddock Spear, Global Policy Director

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Courtney Sakai, Marketing & Communications Director

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Chuck Burg, Director, Development & Government Relations

headshot of Carmen Gonzalez-Valles

Carmen Gonzalez-Valles, Supply Chain Roundtables Director (Global Squid, Global Octopus)

Aisla Jones

Aisla Jones, Partnership Program Director

Indrani Lutchman

Indrani Lutchman, FIP Evaluation & External Relations Program Director

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Charlotte Maiden, Media Relations Manager

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Dave Martin, Program Director

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Mercedes Mendoza, Advisory Services Sales Director

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Katie Mihalik, Markets Manager, North America

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Alexia Morgan, Ocean Wildlife Manager

Diego Orellana

Diego Orellana, Senior Program Manager

Heather Sadusky

Heather Sadusky, Partnership Program Director

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Phillip Sanchez, Bycatch Programs Coordinator

Jenna Stoner

Jenna Stoner, Aquaculture Program Director

Amy Sweeting

Amy Sweeting, Senior Writer & Content Creator

Amber Von harten

Amber Von Harten, Supply Chain Roundtables Director (Global Mahi, Indonesian Snapper & Grouper)

Megan Westmeyer

Megan Westmeyer, Supply Chain Roundtables Director (Mexican Shrimp, Mexican Snapper & Grouper, US Gulf of Mexico Shrimp)