Mobilize the Seafood Supply Chain

Supply Chain Roundtables and innovation

“Crossing the Chasm,” a four-part Seafood Source series features interviews with key SFP Supply Chain Roundtable players about how they are pushing for wider adoption of sustainable practices in the global seafood industry.

Since our founding, SFP has continually created and mainstreamed new methods and tools to advance seafood sustainability. 

SFP pioneered fishery improvement projects (FIPs) that bring together supply chain stakeholders to demand and leverage better management of wild-capture fisheries, and aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs), multi-stakeholder efforts to address the environmental challenges of aquaculture production. 

We also innovated Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) in response to the need for enhanced industry cooperation created by the proliferation of FIPs and AIPs. Through SRs, major buyers and importers in a specific seafood sector work together pre-competitively to scale-up individual efforts for global reach and policy impact.

We ask our partners to encourage their suppliers to actively participate in SRs, to amplify change across sectors, countries, and regions, and to be leaders in improving fisheries globally.

See a full list of companies that are currently participating in SRs.

To join a Supply Chain Roundtable or for more information, please contact us.

“Our partnership with SFP has been integral to accelerating our sustainability efforts. We are proud to collaborate with SFP on tangible improvements to make seafood more sustainable for future generations.”

– Hamish Walker, COO, Seattle Fish Company