Zhangzidao Fishery Group America Corp (ZF America) and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) today announced a new partnership centered on developing a sustainable seafood strategy for ZF America.

As part of its expanding efforts in Asia, SFP will be the primary advisor to ZF America on sustainability throughout the company’s supply chain. The company currently operates in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico. ZF America will utilize FishSource to analyze the environmental performance of the fisheries and fish farms that their products are from to assure its customers of the sustainability of their products.
The partnership will collaborate on a number of projects including the Chinese Tilapia Aquaculture Improvement Project (AIP). The AIP will focus on reducing the cumulative and combined impacts of aquaculture that can arise from over-density of farms, incorrect zoning and insufficient coordination of disease treatment. The AIP may also become a forum in which aquaculturists can work together to press for improvements in other sectors that impact them, such as non-point source pollution from upstream agriculture.

“Zhangzidao Fishery Group (ZF America) is pleased to announce the establishment of our collaborative relationship with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). ZF America has a history of system wide practices recognized and audited by industry leading sustainable organizations such as SFP. As we continue to grow our global farming, harvesting, and processing infrastructure we look forward to the knowledge and guidance of our partners at SFP to ensure proper oversight and execution of our sustainable practices as we strive to meet the needs of our global client base,” said Randy Petersen, Director US Sales, Marketing & CSO for ZF America.

“We are pleased to have ZF America as a partner as they are a growing company capable of producing, processing and distributing a vast array of sustainable seafood,”said Howard Johnson, Director of Global Programs for SFP. “Asian countries have become a major source of seafood for the entire world. We recognize the important role these countries play in the global seafood industry and partnering with ZF America will help us play a larger role in improving fisheries and fish farms in this region.”