SFP is praising its foodservice distribution partner US Foods for releasing a new sustainable seafood sourcing policy on the company’s website.

Since becoming an SFP partner in 2016, US Foods has worked with its suppliers and SFP to collect and assess source fishery and seafood farm information to support the company’s responsibly sourced seafood initiatives, prioritizing certified sourcing practices for US Foods’ Exclusive Brands.

Most recently, the company published a new seafood sustainability policy. The policy outlines measurable, timebound commitments that address species within the company’s Exclusive Brands seafood portfolio and each stage of the supply chain, aligned to Serve Good™, Progress Check™, or conventional product standards for both wild and farmed species. As part of these commitments, 100 percent of its Harbor Banks® brand seafood portfolio, the largest portfolio of Exclusive Brands seafood products, will meet either Serve Good™ or Progress Check™ standards by the end of 2020.

Wild-caught species under the company’s Serve Good™ program must meet a GSSI benchmarked certification, such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) rating of “A, B or C” by FishSource of SFP, or designation as low-risk as advised by FishSource. These requirements are similar to the criteria SFP has set in its “Target 75” initiative. To ensure the progress of FIPs, US Foods is utilizing FIP progress ratings in its ongoing data collection and monitoring of sources against their commitment.

“We are proud of our ongoing commitment to bring more sustainable seafood products to our independent restaurant customers. Our responsibly sourced seafood policy is yet another milestone in support of this effort,” said Jennifer Wandlersenior director of seafood category management at US Foods. “Our partnership with SFP has been instrumental in helping us bring enhanced sustainability and transparency to our US Foods Exclusive Brand seafood offerings.”
“SFP applauds US Foods for incorporating FIPs into their commitment through the Progress Check™ program to encourage continuous improvement in global seafood sustainability,” said Kathryn Novak, SFP’s Director of Buyer Engagement. “We are very pleased to be partnered with them in support of this ambitious commitment.”

The policy addresses species within the company’s Exclusive Brands portfolio. Highlights of the new policy include:

  • New criteria that preferentially source certified sustainable products, but also encourage continuous improvement through FIPs
  • Prioritization of ongoing data collection of source fisheries and farms to continuously review environmental performance and monitor against US Foods’ commitment criteria
  • Commitment to sharing the story of sustainable seafood through education and communication to their employees, customers, and vendors.