Multiexport Foods, a major producer of salmon and trout located in Puerto Montt, Chile, and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) today announced that they will collaborate on developing a comprehensive sustainable seafood strategy for Multiexport Foods farmed fish operations.

Through this partnership the two organizations will analyze the sustainability of raw materials, its sources and supply chain, and evaluate the salmon farming practices as well as ways to better manage how those practices can be addressed and/or improved by Multiexport Foods through Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIP). Constantly improving operations and addressing issues in a proactive way is critical to lift them up to sustainable levels.

“Multiexport Foods is pleased to announce a cooperative agreement with SFP. Since the inception of our company in the seafood industry nearly 30 years ago, we have been committed to the values of social responsibility and respect for the environment, and these values stand at the core of our corporate foundation.” said Andres Lyon, CEO of Multiexport Foods. “The farming of salmon is an important activity, nourishing the future with one of nature’s healthiest proteins.

Multiexport Foods will work with SFP to continue to improve upon our sustainable practices making them better for our environment, customers, stakeholders and employees. The projects that we are developing with SFP will further assist us in a smooth transition to the sustainability certifications, once salmon standards are published in the coming months”.

“SFP is fortunate to partner with Multiexport Foods. They are a significant supplier of salmon to the world market, and their commitment to pursue sustainability initiatives will lead to major buyers having a more sustainable source of salmon,” said Dick Jones, SFP’s Program Director for the Americas.