Price Chopper Launches Sustainable Seafood Platform

Schenectady, N.Y. –. Price Chopper Supermarkets today made public its new sustainable seafood platform, bolstered by the addition of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) and Trace Register. These two exemplary organizations will be guiding Price Chopper in the further development of plans and programs to ensure that its seafood is harvested from the most sustainably managed and maintained fisheries of the world. 

SFP is working with the company to evaluate products and determine the best sources of wild-caught and farmed seafood. Working actively with supply chain and individual fisheries, Price Chopper is committed to improving harvesting policies and practices wherever they may be in decline or poorly managed. 

Trace Register is providing the company with a sophisticated software system that meets the full traceability requirements of producers, processors, distributors and retailers of wild-caught and farmed seafood. This will give Price Chopper the ability to trace every step of seafood product’s journey from ocean to shelf, providing assurances of quality, food safety and sustainability. 

Last year, Price Chopper became the first supermarket retailer in the nation to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase Sea Bream harvested via a wholly sustainable closed loop water system that simulates the perfect ocean in a tank. 

“Developing new partnerships and policies continues to help us improve our sustainable seafood platform for the betterment of our customers and our oceans,” said Lee E. French, Price Chopper’s Vice President of Seafood Merchandising. “Actions speak louder than words and our programs and alliances reflect our deep commitment to offer our customers the best in fresh, high quality, sustainable seafood products.”