The Ipswich Shellfish Group and the international nonprofit organization Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) today announced a partnership to develop a comprehensive sustainable seafood procurement strategy.

SFP will work with the Ipswich Shellfish Group to develop a seafood procurement strategy geared toward offering the most sustainable sources of wild-caught and farmed seafood to their customers. SFP will evaluate Ipswich Shellfish’s seafood supply chain, with the final objective of fully engaging their suppliers in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs).

“SFP is fortunate to work with companies like Ipswich Shellfish Group, who are committed to developing a strategy that goes beyond switching suppliers to achieve sustainability. Partnerships like these can result in positive, long-term outcomes for fisheries and fish farms,” said Dick Jones, SFP Global Director, Major Buyer Engagement. 
Working actively with the supply chain and individual fisheries, the Ipswich Shellfish Group is committed to improving harvesting policies and practices wherever they are in decline or poorly managed.

About Ipswich Shellfish Group
The Ipswich Shellfish Group is a family and woman owned business that began operations in 1935. The Group of Companies include: Ipswich Shellfish Company Inc.; Connecticut Shellfish Company Inc.; Maine Shellfish Company, Inc.; United Shellfish Company Inc. and Lowcountry Shellfish Inc. The core business includes direct store delivery of fresh and frozen seafood to the food service industry, domestic and international shipments of live lobster and lobster products to the wholesale trade. Visit