Collaboration with Sustainability Fisheries Partnership to help company attain its long term goal of 100 percent of its procured seafood as certified sustainable.

High Liner Foods Inc., a leading North American processor and marketer of superior quality seafood, today announced that it has partnered with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, a collaboration that will strengthen High Liner Foods’ commitment toward promoting healthy oceans and improving fisheries worldwide.

Through this new partnership, High Liner Foods will work closely with the SFP to develop programs and strategies to ensure High Liner Foods customers of the sustainability of their supply chain, and advance toward the company’s long term goal of purchasing 100 percent of its raw materials and commodities from certified sustainably caught or farmed seafood.

“We are very committed to running our business sustainably. Well managed and sustainable fishing is essential for healthy oceans, cultures and economies,” said Henry Demone, president and CEO of High Liner Foods. “This partnership builds on existing relationships with the Marine Stewardship Council, the Aquaculture Certification Council, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, as well as other organizations that share similar objectives.”

Founded in 2006 as an independent, non-governmental organization (NGO), the SFP provides strategic and technical guidance to seafood suppliers and producers with the goal of building consensus around specific improvements in policies, conservation efforts and fishing practices.
High Liner Foods has worked with the SFP and suppliers on fishery improvement projects to ensure that High Liner Foods’ High Liner®, FPI®, Fisher Boy® and Sea Cuisine™ brands, as well as its private label portfolios, include certified sustainable products according to standards set by the MSC and the ACC. These initiatives will help to ensure that procured seafood meets High Liner Foods’ standards of quality and food safety.

“SFP has worked closely with High Liner Foods over the past several years in a number of fishery industry sectors, particularly in improving whitefish sustainability and supply,” said Jim Cannon, CEO of the Sustainability Fisheries Partnership. “We are honored to have been selected to work with them in developing a world-class program that will make them one of the world leaders in providing their customers with sustainable seafoods.”

“We are excited and proud to be working closely with SFP to advance our mission of ensuring the long term sustainability of our supply,” said Bill DiMento, Corporate Director of Sustainability for High Liner Foods. “The combined leadership efforts of High Liner Foods and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership will result in a much brighter future in the seafood business for generations to come.”