“We’re very pleased to launch this partnership with SFP to assist us on forming the foundation of our seafood sustainability work at ALDI. We recognize the value that they bring to the table in respect to fishery and aquaculture improvement, and are appreciative of the fact that they are so highly regarded throughout the seafood supply chain. This initiative is designed to ensure that the products we offer to our customers are derived from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture sources”, said Daniel Malechuk, Director of Corporate Purchasing for ALDI.

ALDI is a discount grocery chain that operates over 1,000 stores in 30 states. Through a select assortment and convenient grocery shopping approach, they offer customers the highest quality everyday items at the lowest possible prices. Typically, ALDI stores carry about 1,400 items including a full range of wild and farmed seafood.
Through this new partnership, ALDI will work closely with SFP to develop programs and strategies to ensure the sustainability of their supply chain, and meet the commitment of the company to source sustainably caught or farmed seafood.
Founded in 2006 as an independent, non-governmental organization (NGO), SFP provides strategic and technical guidance to seafood suppliers and producers with the goal of building consensus around specific improvements in policies, conservation efforts and fishing practices.
“By forming this partnership, ALDI has demonstrated that they are committed to assuring the sustainability of their seafood supply,” said Dick Jones, Program Director of the Americas for SFP. “ALDI is taking a leadership role in the supermarket industry by making sustainable seafood a priority and we are pleased to work with them on achieving their goals.”