Seafood Expo Global 2023

Highlights from Seafood Expo Global

April 25-27, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain
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SFP and Purina Europe launch the Bycatch Solutions Hub

SFP Biodiversity and Nature Director Kathryn Novak was joined by Tracy Murai, assistant global director, maritime and fisheries at Thai Union, and Nicola Bedding, European Buyer at Purina Europe (L-R) for the official launch of our new Bycatch Solutions Hub. The Hub is a web-based platform connecting retailers and businesses that want to financially support projects to reduce ocean wildlife bycatch with organizations capable of implementing in-the-water solutions. Bedding spoke about how it is often challenging to get information on seafood sources in the pet food industry. Purina Europe is the founding sponsor of the Hub.

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Bycatch Hub launch at Seafood Expo Global

Seafood sourcing data is an integral component of sustainability

The Business of Seafood Panel at Seafood Expo Global

SFP Chief Executive Officer Jim Cannon was joined by SFP Advisory Services Sales Director Mercedes Mendoza, Nicole Fischer of Micarna SA, and Wenche Grønbrekk of SeaBos (L-R) for a panel on how seafood sourcing data is integral to sustainability and can drive consumer interest for retailers and seafood companies. Fischer discussed how Migros, a Swiss retailer, has introduced M-Check, a sustainability ranking for the environmental performance of supermarket products, and Mendoza introduced SFP’s Advisory Services, including Seafood Metrics, which informs the M-Check system.

Thai Union is inaugural signer of Protecting Ocean Wildlife Pledge

Adam Brennan, group director, sustainability, at Thai Union, signed SFP’s new Protecting Ocean Wildlife Pledge during an event at our stand. As the first company to sign the Pledge, Thai Union commits to reduce bycatch of vulnerable marine wildlife in commercial fisheries through adoption of best practices and continuous supply chain improvements.

Adam Brennan of Thai Union signs the Protecting Ocean Wildlife Pledge
Kathryn Novak and Adam Brennan with Protecting Ocean Wildlife pledge

SFP and Aquaculture Stewardship Council join forces to enhance aquaculture production

SFP Chief Executive Officer Jim Cannon and Aquaculture Stewardship Council Chief Executive Officer Chris Ninnes signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations to collaborate on sustainable aquaculture production and practices around the world, beginning with a focus on enhancing the scope and reach of aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs).

Chris and Jim sitting down signing MOU at Seafood Expo Global.
Chris and Jim celebrating MOU signing.

A new octopus fishery improvement project in Mauritania

Stakeholders from the Mauritanian octopus fishery signed an MoU to establish a fishery improvement project (FIP) in the fishery. In the coming months, the stakeholders will meet to define a workplan and activate the FIP as soon as possible. SFP’s Global Octopus Supply Chain Roundtable has been supporting the process of developing the new FIP.

Octopus meeting at Seafood Expo Global 2023
Mauritanian octopus FIP stakeholders

Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable and CAPECAL review next steps in Peru

At our Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable meeting, CAPECAL, the Peruvian Chamber for Jumbo Flying Squid, presented the next steps for the association. The meeting was well-attended by new companies that have shown interest in participating in the SR and supporting its ongoing initiatives. SFP announced that the Roundtable will support a scientific survey in Peru to improve FIP data collection.

Global squid SR meeting at Seafood Expo Global 2023

Aquaculture and small-scale fishing events at our stand

SFP and Longline demo at Seafood Expo Global

SFP Aquaculture Information Manager Paul Bulcock and Longline Environment Chief Executive Officer Rui Ferreira, hosted a demonstration of a new aquaculture mapping tool, developed by SFP and Longline. The tool identifies where shrimp farming is located within or adjacent to mangrove habitat in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, as a first step toward aquaculture supporting mangrove habitat regeneration in these regions.

small-scale fisheries meet & greet at Seafood Expo Global

SFP’s Fisheries team hosted a meet-and-greet with colleagues, partners, and other interested parties to discuss our small-scale fisheries and co-management initiative, and what industry can do to support improvements in the small-scale fisheries they source from.

Spotlight on multispecies fisheries and marine ingredients

Multiple meetings and events at the Expo focused on the value of improvements in complex multispecies fisheries that supply marine ingredients – and are an important resource for improving nutrition, food security, and well-being in coastal communities.

Global Roundtable logo

SFP and IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation, co-sponsors of the Global Roundtable on Marine Ingredients, held numerous one-on-one meetings with Roundtable members to discuss plans and next steps for release of a social assessment of small pelagic fisheries in Mauritania and Senegal commissioned by the Roundtable.

fishing boat trawler

Under the banner of the Certifications and Ratings Collaboration, SFP hosted a meeting of Vietnamese, Japanese, and other industry stakeholders to garner support for multispecies fisheries improvements in Vietnam. These fisheries supply fish for surimi, marine ingredients, and human consumption. Key stakeholders from Vietnam were in attendance and were positive on prospects for expanding current improvements.

Blue transformation panel at Seafood Expo Global

SFP Program Director Dave Martin (far right) provided insight into real-world examples of the concept of “blue transformation” in the seafood sector during the “Blue Transformation: Case Studies from SE Asia” panel. Blue transformation focuses on responsible fisheries and aquaculture management to achieve food security, nutrition, and improved well-being in coastal communities. Martin and his fellow panelists shared lessons learned from driving improvements in complex, multispecies fisheries, and the world’s first pilot of a multispecies standard via fishery improvement projects (FIPs) under the MarinTrust Improver Programme.

panel on responsible feed production at Seafood Expo Global

Martin (second from left) was back on stage the next day for the “How Can Marine Ingredients Support the Growth of the Aquaculture Sector in a World of Greater Food Sovereignty?” panel. He spoke on how responsible aquaculture requires responsible feed production and links directly to the ESG commitments of seafood stakeholders. Companies, trade organizations, not-for-profit, and certification organizations in the sector are working together under the Global Roundtable on Marine Ingredients to improve reduction fisheries in West Africa and Southeast Asia.

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Confremar Group

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