Last year, SFP celebrated its 10th anniversary – a proud milestone for us and for the sustainable seafood community at large. We have always been committed to keeping our partners up to date on developments in the sustainable seafood movement, and this year we launched our first ever immersion program called a “Sustainability Session” with discussions on leadership, FIP and AIP training, and sector issues in squid and octopus, shrimp, and snapper.

Kathryn Novak, Director of Global Buyer Engagement for SFP organized the San Francisco event. She notes, “Things happen so quickly in this arena on a global level that it’s hard to keep track of trends and changes. We hope that by giving the seafood industry opportunities to stay informed about issues, and by providing learning opportunities to those who are new to sustainability work, we can continue to grow momentum for progress.”

Future Sustainability Sessions are being planned now and we’d like your input about the topics you’d like to see covered. If you attended the session and have feedback please write us at If you missed this first session, have a look at the program we offered and let us know if you’re interested in attending one in the future. We’re particularly interested in providing industry representatives who are starting FIPs or AIPs with training sessions on lessons we’ve learned during our past 10 years.