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Publix's Supplier Engagement for Continuous Fishery Improvement

Publix Super Markets has collaborated with SFP since 2009 to increase the sustainability of its seafood sourcing by supporting fishery improvements around the world.

One of the 10 largest super markets in the United States, with stores in seven states in the southeast, Publix has approached seafood sustainability as a journey, with a commitment to support continuous improvement in its source fisheries.

A key focus for Publix has been engagement with its suppliers to support and promote fisheries sustainability. As part of this focus, Publix hosts supplier summits at its headquarters to set goals and expectations round sustainability with its suppliers.

  • Publix was an early supporter of fishery improvement projects (FIP) in the Gulf of Mexico, requesting its shrimp and snapper-grouper suppliers to participate in early FIPs more than a decade ago.
  • Publix works with SFP to annually evaluate its seafood sources, based on FishSource scores, FIPs, and certifications. In 2017, the company became the first US super market to publicly disclose its seafood sourcing through the Ocean Disclosure Project.
  • To more fully identify potential supply chain risks, SFP, in conjunction with Birdlife International and Whale and Dolphin Conservation, conducted a bycatch audit of the risks to ocean wildlife in Publix’s source fisheries in 2022. Publix was the first US retailer to participate in the bycatch audit.
  • In 2021, Publix financially supported a tagging project to better understand mahi-mahi distribution and migration patterns in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. And in 2022, the company donated funds to equip five mahi-mahi vessels with electronic monitoring systems, to collect better data on bycatch of marine wildlife.
  •  Publix worked with its supplier to get a FIP started in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence snow crab fishery, where fishers are testing new and emerging technologies to reduce right whale entanglements. To further support these efforts, Publix purchased and donated 12 on-demand (ropeless) gear systems, enough to equip six vessels to trial and test the gear, to the Northeast Fishery Science Center Gear Library, which lends gear for free to fishers to pilot and test.
  • Publix is partnering with SFP and Thai Union to design and test the use of universal fishery IDs in the Philippines blue swimming crab supply chain
Publix ODP sticker on frozen fish case

Sign on a frozen fish case at a Publix supermarket highlighting the company’s commitment to transparency through the Ocean Disclosure Project.

“It is important to Publix that we support and assist seafood industry leaders so that meaningful and lasting steps can be taken to protect marine life while allowing for the responsible and sustainable harvesting of seafood.”

– Guy Pizzuti, business development director of seafood, Publix

Representatives from Ashored, Publix Super Markets, and SFP at the 2023 SFP Bycatch Solutions Showcasee

Stephen Jones of Ashored, Maxime Smith of Groupe MDMP, Guy Pizzuti of Publix, and SFP Biodiversity and Nature Director Kathryn Novak at the 2023 SFP Bycatch Solutions Showcase

Fishery IDs event SENA 2023

Guy Pizzuti of Publix (second from left) with Jayson Berryhill of Wholechain, Brad Spear and Jim Cannon of SFP, Bill DiMento of Highliner Foods, and Blake Stok of Thai Union North America at an event launching the universal fishery IDs pilot projects.

In this video, representatives from SFP, Publix, and Publix suppliers Cox’s Wholesale Seafood and Superior Seafood, discuss their support for improvements in the US Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery.

Publix video about the company’s support for transitioning to ropeless gear in fisheries that overlap with whale habitat.

Publix video about the company’s commitment to reducing bycatch of endangered, threatened, and protected species in wild-capture fisheries.

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