SFP Board member Dr. Cat Dorey represented SFP at Seafood Expo Asia 2023 in Singapore. Though much smaller than the Expos in Boston and Barcelona, this event is getting bigger every year. “The show was very dominated by China – representing about a third of the stalls,” Dr. Dorey said, noting that there were also representatives from other Asian, Latin American, and European companies and countries.

Dr Dorey’s own work focuses on improving traceability and transparency in Australia’s imported seafood, so she was pleased to see that traceability was high on the agenda at the conference sessions, representing what she sees as “a shift from the old days where hidden data and lack of transparency gave competitive advantage, to a new era where proving providence is becoming the advantage.” Outside of the conference sessions organised by The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability, the issue was mentioned at multiple sessions, in terms of companies protecting their own brands and/or products from copies or false claims, consumer trust, and quality assurance.

Seafood Expo Asia 2023