Supply Chain Roundtable

Mexican Seafood

The Mexican Seafood Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) operated from 2017-2021 and focused on monitoring sustainability status and issues of a range of different fisheries in Mexico, and pushing for improvements where needed. In April 2021, SFP dissolved the Mexican Seafood SR in order to enable the formation of the new Mexican Shrimp SR and Mexican Snapper and Grouper SR.

Roundtable Participants

Participants in April 2021:

Alfa Gamma Group

Amende & Schultz/Promarmex


Beacon Fisheries

Beaver Street Fisheries

BlackIndigo Foods

Chefs Trading

Deep Sea Shrimp Importing Company

Del Pacifico Seafoods 

Delta Blue Aquaculture 

Eastern Fish Company

Fortune International


Incredible Fish

Inland Seafood

Netuno USA

Ocean Garden

Red Chamber/Meridian 

Quirch Foods Co.

Santa Monica Seafood

Sea Delight

Seattle Fish