Supply Chain Roundtable

Global Longline Tuna

The Global Longline Tuna Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) was a forum for companies involved in the supply of longline-caught tuna, irrespective of final destination of finished product (fresh and frozen, or shelf-stable). This SR was active from 2016-2022 and worked on a number of issues, including 1) FIP catalyzation and support, 2) tuna RFMO advocacy, 3) bycatch mitigation and observer coverage, 4) supporting the NGO Tuna Forum and 5) resource development. In January 2022, due to a shift in focus and funding availability,  SFP decided to focus only on aspects related to bycatch in these fisheries, while the Global Tuna Alliance will continue the RFMO engagement work. For more on our bycatch initiatives, please visit our Protecting Ocean Wildlife page.

Sector Snapshot

19 Longline Tuna FIPs

29 Roundtable Participating Companies

12 Certified/Sustainable Fisheries

15 % Global Longline Tuna Production Improving