Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is pleased to announce the release of its 2016 Annual Report, available for download now. 

The report describes developments with various global supply chain roundtables (SRs), which reinforce SFP’s commitment to an industry-driven effort toward sustainable seafood production worldwide. It offers a recap of many of SFP’s activities and accomplishments in 2016, including an introduction to SFP’s Target 75 Initiative, which launched earlier in 2017.  

“SFP has a simple aim: Get as much of the world’s seafood production into effective fishery and aquaculture improvement projects (FIPs and AIPs) as quickly as possible,” Jim Cannon, SFP’s Founder and CEO, said in his annual message in the report. “In 2016 we focused on supply chain roundtables (SRs) as the best way to achieve that goal. Major international suppliers with long-term commercial relationships with local seafood producers are best placed to make the business case to local producers for why they should lead FIPs and AIPs and become sustainable.” 

The annual report is available for download on SFP’s website,, or download here

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