Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is pleased to announce the formation of a new comprehensive fishery improvement project (FIP) designed to promote sustainable octopus fishing in Mauritania.

At Seafood Expo Global this week in Brussels, SFP signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of fisheries institutions and organizations, formalizing the FIP’s creation. Seafood suppliers Sea Delight and Marpefish were on hand and also signed the memorandum.

“The Mauritanian fishery is an important one for octopus, and this FIP marks a strong step toward the goal of global sustainable octopus production,” said Pedro Ferreiro, Deputy Director of Buyer Engagement for SFP. 

Organizations including the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the Mauritanian Ministry of Fisheries have been working to promote a national octopus eco-labeling plan, along with a national strategy for octopus.

The workplan for the FIP will include the fishery qualifying for sustainability certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC, which has supported the fishery’s interest in certification since 2010, participated in a workshop in January of this year that helped lay the groundwork for the new FIP.

Contact: Sean Murphy, Communications Director