Vigo, Spain – Peruvian squid processing and exporting companies presented an agreement to address national and international sustainability challenges in the jumbo flying squid fishery, through active support of the Peru jumbo flying squid – jig fishery improvement project (FIP). The agreement was presented during a panel at the CONXEMAR seafood show in Vigo, Spain.

“Since the launch of the jumbo flying squid FIP in 2017, there have been some improvement efforts in the fishery. But this commitment by the Peruvian industry, through CAPECAL, will be a key factor in moving progress forward and helping support the success of the FIP,” said Carmen Gonzalez-Valles, SFP’s markets director for Europe.

The agreement was signed between WWF Peru and CAPECAL (the Peruvian Chamber for Jumbo Flying Squid), a group of 17 Peruvian companies that represent more than 60 percent of the value of exports from the jumbo flying squid fishery. CAPECAL was established with the support of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

Gerardo Carrera, president of CAPECAL, reinforced his association’s commitment to fishery sustainability: “In the coming years, we can expect from CAPECAL a total commitment to the promotion of the jumbo flying squid FIP in Peru.”

CAPECAL is an independent industry association that promotes the conservation and management of jumbo flying squid in Peru and supports the Peru jumbo flying squid FIP through political advocacy, funding, and FIP implementation. The founding companies of CAPECAL include Pacific Freezing Company, Sabanamar Pacífico, Océano Seafood, Peruvian Sea Food, Transmarina del Perú, Refrigerados Fisholg e hijos, Marfrío Perú, COINREFRI, Produmar, Perupez, Seafrost, Fernández, Altamar foods, Dexim, Sakana, Peru Frost and PROANCO.

The jumbo flying squid fishery is one of the most important fisheries for human consumption in Peru, and also one of the largest artisanal fisheries in the world, with the participation of a registered fleet of more than 2,500 artisanal vessels. The fishery generated export values of more than US $850 million in 2019. The Peru jumbo flying squid FIP is the first comprehensive squid FIP in the world. FIP participants are working toward Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in the next several years.