Joseph Robertson of Aberdeen will be the UK’s first seafood supplier to participate in the transparency project. Morrisons, Skretting, the Co-Operative, Biomar and Asda are all renewing their participation in the project this year. As part of their involvement, participating companies voluntarily and publicly disclose and discuss details on their work toward sustainable seafood sourcing. SFP recognizes these renewals as an extension of the pledge these companies have made to prove their dedication to sustainable seafood sourcing.

“By participating in this ODP, Joseph Robertson is joining a growing list of companies that want to show the world just what a commitment to sustainability means,” said Emma McLaren, Director of Innovative Solutions for SFP’s Buyer Engagement division. “We couldn’t be more proud to work with these companies on this important project.”

Joseph Robertson’s profile, as with all ODP profiles, describes the fishery origin of its products, what kind of gear is used, whether or not the fishery in question is certified sustainable by any third party or in a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), and other environmental notes. The profiles also show a letter grade for each fishery. This grade, from A to C, represents a particular fishery’s scores in its profile in FishSource, SFP’s fishery database. Note this is unrelated to the letter grade system used by SFP’s FIP rating system, which measures different metrics entirely.

“Over the past two years we have been working toward aligning ourselves to be recognized as a leading manufacturer firmly supporting responsible sourcing,” said Simon Robertson, owner of Joseph Robertson. “The addition of the ‘Ocean Disclosure Project’ creates an excellent tool providing the opportunity to be completely transparent and accountable. It also helps to focus our efforts on areas of improvement and to influence our supply chain in the right direction. Joseph Robertson wants its customers and consumers to have full confidence when buying our products, and to know that we share and believe in the commitment to having ‘Responsible Sourcing’ at the heart of our company core values.”

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