Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is pleased to announce that participating companies in the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) have agreed to add new corporate policy information to their ODP profiles that will make it even easier for viewers to understand their commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing.

The companies will provide information covering whether they have a public seafood sourcing policy or commitment, and the scope of that policy or commitment, as well as information on any specific objectives or time-bound targets set by the company. They will also include reported progress toward those objectives. This information will gradually be incorporated into the 2017 profiles from December 2017 onwards and will be included in all 2018 profiles, with updated profiles anticipated for launch in April 2018.

Sharing corporate commitments information alongside the seafood source list provides greater context to the ODP profiles and creates a one-stop shop for users to better understand the seafood sourcing practices of companies. Other initiatives such as the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) and the Conservation Alliance for Sustainable Seafood’s Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood recommend companies make a public commitment or policy on sustainable seafood.

“Publishing sustainability commitments is a core element of a responsible seafood policy and we applaud companies that are providing this information,” said Blake Lee-Harwood, Strategy Director at Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. “Placing details about sustainable seafood sourcing alongside commitments on the same website allows users of the ODP to see for themselves the progress being made by individual companies.”

SFP expects the format of the ODP profiles will continue to expand in 2018, with incorporating information on traceability measures identified as the next development.

The Ocean Disclosure Project provides a platform for participating companies to voluntarily disclose their seafood sourcing information for wild-caught species. Company profiles include information on fishery provenance, gear types used, environmental impacts, certifications and fishery improvement projects. To date, 11 companies have participated in the ODP, including major retailers, aquafeed manufacturers, and seafood suppliers. The most recent company to join the ODP was Walmart US, whose profile launched on 9 November.

Contact: Sean Murphy, SFP Communications Director