Boston, MA – The National Fisheries Institute Crab Council and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) have been working together on crab sustainability projects for nearly three years and today the groups signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that further solidifies that working relationship.

“SFP has been an important partner in Asia,” said NFI Crab Council chair Ed Rhodes of Phillips Foods. “SFP understands the economic and ecological impacts our efforts are designed to have and has been working with us to meet the challenges in this region.”
The NFI Crab Council funds sustainability projects in Indonesia and the Philippines and has recently begun working with partners in Vietnam.
“The NFI Crab Council’s efforts compliment ours and we’ve found that developing a good working relationship with this group has been a real advantage when it comes to ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction,” said Howard Johnson SFP’s Director of Global Programs.
SFP provides strategic and technical guidance to, not only the NFI Crab Council, but seafood suppliers, producers and retailers all over the world.
“It’s vital to have a partner who understands that it’s equal parts business and biology that will result in real sustainability,” said Rhodes.
NFI Crab Council is primarily an industry funded operation but has received additional funding from the World Bank and the Walton Family Foundation.