SFP created the FIP Directory as a temporary solution to a question frequently received from industry: “Where can I report progress of my FIP?” The website, launched in 2014, has been home to nearly 75 FIPs and has gained strong industry recognition as a go-to source for FIP information.

The FIP Directory was designed as ”version 1” with limited features and functionality to test the concept of a centralized FIP reporting platform. The results are in and we are proud to claim success, for this phase at least. 

Enter FisheryProgress.org. It is the FIP Directory’s new, improved “version 2.” FisheryProgress.org, a product of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and FishChoice, has updated the user interface to make uploading FIP information easier. FishChoice provides technical support to help FIPs if they encounter any hurdles uploading their information to the website. The addition of visual representations of data gives quick snapshots of progress. Buyer and NGO response to the site has been enthusiastic, and they particularly appreciate the verification the site provides to make sure information is consistent and accurate. The site makes it easier for FIPs to provide a greater level of transparency about their goals and progress to meet buyers’ sustainable seafood requirements. FisheryProgress.org is also working to ensure that as many North American buyers are using it as possible and will be expanding outreach to European buyers as well this year.

With the launch of FisheryProgress.org it is clear that the FIP Directory should only have a limited lifespan. We plan to close the FIP Directory by June 2017 and urge all of the registered FIPs to create new profiles on FisheryProgress.org before then.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) and FishChoice will jointly facilitate this transition period for the FIP Directory and FisheryProgress.org, respectively. FishChoice will provide support to FIPs for reporting on the new platform. For FIPs that have successfully moved from the FIP Directory, SFP will add a hyperlink to the site directing stakeholders to the new FIP reporting page.

Please note that Fishery Progress will be doing media outreach and other promotion throughout the year as the site hits new milestones (such as reaching 50 FIPs). We hope to give special recognition to FIPs that come onto the site on the homepage, via an email newsletter, and in the media, so don’t delay!

For information or questions about the new FisheryProgress.org, please contact Kristin Sherwood at kristin@fishchoice.com. For information or questions about the FIP Directory, please contact Blake Lee-Harwood at blake.lee-harwood@sustainablefish.org.