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Risk assessments

Risk Type

Climate change | Environmental

Feed Ingredients

drawing of an algae cell


line drawing of a chicken

Animal proteins (LAP/PAP)

link drawing of a fish skeleton

Aquaculture trimmings

line drawing of wheat sprigs


line drawing of insect larvae


line drawing of a palm with an oil droplet

Oil palm

line drawing of dna and molecule structure

Single-cell proteins (SCP)

line drawing of soy pods


line drawing of a vitamin gel capsule

Vitamins & minerals

line drawing of a fish

Wild capture fisheries

What is it?

FishScores helps users understand the impact a farm has on the environment by providing a standardized, simplified, and rapid environmental impact assessment (calculator). 

How to use it

Users can input information into the calculator including feed information to receive information on greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and phosphorus loading, and changes in land use, etc.