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What is it? 

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is a CEO-led organization that brings together 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and other stakeholders across 70 countries for a global cross-value chain perspective to help drive positive change. 

Members of the CGF’s Forrest Positive Coalition are committed to implementing business models that help forest ecosystems and communities thrive and to help ensure the long-term success of their companies, the sustained health of our planet, and the well-being and livelihoods of people who live in and depend on forest environments.

To achieve this, the coalition has adopted and is implementing five commitments and encouraging their supply chain partners to do the same. Known as the Coalition’s Forest Positive Approach, the five basic areas of action are for businesses to have:

  • A public commitment to deforestation and conversion-free across the entire commodity business including a public time-bound action plan with clear milestones;
  • A process for regular supplier/producer engagement;
  • A mechanism to identify and respond to grievances/non-compliances;
  • Support for initiatives delivering forest positive development at landscape/jurisdictional and/or sectoral level; and,
  • Regular public reporting against Key Performance Indicators.

The Coalition has created Roadmaps for each commodity to guide the transformation needed to implement and practice forest-positive production. These were developed by Commodity Working Groups via engagement in stakeholder consultations.

  • Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition – Forest Positive Soy Roadmap v1.8

For businesses looking for additional supporting information to help them implement the actions in the Forest Positive Soy Roadmap, the new Guidance on the Forest Positive Soy Roadmap is also available. This document serves as an update and replacement to the CGF Sustainable Sourcing Guidelines for soy.

  • Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition – Forest Positive Palm oil Roadmap v1.8

Guidance on the Forest Positive Palm Oil Roadmap is currently under development, which will include supporting information to help businesses with the implementation of the actions in the Forest Positive Palm Oil Roadmap. This document will serve as an update and replacement to the CGF Sustainable Sourcing Guidelines for palm oil. However, guidance is available on an aligned Palm Oil Deforestation and Conversion Free (DCF) methodology to track DCF volumes, providing a framework for companies to report on this metric consistently.