SFP’s 2017 European Fisheries Forum was held in Vigo, Spain, from May 22-23, 2017

Agenda – English

Agenda – Spanish


FIP Showcase:

Irish Fisheries FIP (Fisherman Frank); Spanish Tuna FIPs (OPAGAC); FisheryProgress.com (SFP); Blue Shark & Swordfish (Espaderos del Atlántico); Aquaculture Improvement Project (Sea Farms Inc); Andalusian red swamp crawfish FIP, (PEBAGUA)

The Future Story for Spanish Seafood Sustainability

Odilio Romero (Jealsa); Juanjo De la Cerda (Nueva Pescanova); Bibiana García (ARVI)

The Need for Sustainability in Squid Fisheries

Diego Ariel (WOFCO); Julio Simarro (Congalsa); Sabine Müller (ALDI International)

Responsible Aquaculture: Where does industry stand now and can it keep up with growth?

Anton Immink (SFP)

Social Challenges in Seafood: The changing landscape

Karen Green (Seafish); William Davies (SeaChill)

Industry Approaches to the Challenge of Improving Global Tuna Resources

Lucy Blow, (New England Seafood International NESI); Gala Moreno (ISSF); Jose Aller (Frinsa)

Government & Industry Efforts Towards Zonal Management in Aquaculture  

Max Basch (Vinh Hoan); Iain Shone (GAA); Pepe Aguilar (FAO)

Exploring Opportunities for Improvement in Octopus Fisheries

Gonzalo Macho (Vigo University); Conrado Merino Inyesto (Viveros Merimar); Steve Rocliffe (Blue Ventures)