This year, SFP is celebrating some real progress toward the goal of its Target 75 Initiative—to see 75 percent or more of total global seafood volumes in a series of species-specific sectors produced in a manner that is either sustainable or improving toward sustainability by the end of 2020.

Recently, SFP CEO Jim Cannon presented the state of the initiative at a luncheon coinciding with Seafood Expo North America in Boston. Among other data, he noted the following progress toward T75:

  • 32 percent of the total volume of all T75 sectors already meets the initiative’s criteria.
  • Strong interest from the industry in new fishery and aquaculture improvement projects could account for an additional 28 percent of total volume.
  • That leaves a mere 15 percent more to get to 75 percent.

All good news, but there’s still a ways to go, and, as Cannon pointed out that day, we can’t get the rest of the way without you. We need industrial stakeholders to get on board and become Target 75 Champions. The hard truth is that SFP’s work to support and coordinate the seafood industry in delivering improvements has a significant cost, and we need to find further financial support to continue this momentum.

Stakeholders who pledge $10,000 will become T75 Champions. In addition to helping an initiative that is already having a positive impact on the industry, Champions will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your company and logo on a dedicated “T75 Champions” page on the SFP website.
  • Recognition in select Target 75 publications and at events such as the Seafood Expos in Boston and Brussels, and other trade shows.
  • Use of the SFP and Target 75 logos on corporate publications and at trade shows (within logo use guidelines).
  • Opportunities to participate in and receive recognition at other global Target 75 events.

Any industry stakeholders, including T75 Champions, that support the initiative will be fulfilling criteria associated with one of the goals of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 14, “Life Below Water,” focuses on many of the same issues with sustainable seafood addressed by Target 75, so any company that becomes a T75 Champion can also say that it is doing its part to meet the Goal 14 criteria.

If you’re interested in your company becoming a T75 Champion, contact SFP at, and get on board!