Deputy Latin America Fisheries Director

Renato Gozzer is SFP’s Deputy Latin America Fisheries Director, working in the Programs Division. He joined SFP in 2019 and his work focuses on managing supply chain roundtables (SRs) – voluntary groups of seafood companies who are dedicated to the improvement of the fisheries that they source from. He’s also responsible for providing technical advice to companies seeking to initiate fishery improvement projects.   

Renato was a founding member of the Peruvian nonprofit REDES - Sostenibilidad Pesquera, which promotes fisheries and aquaculture sustainability through improvements along the productive chain, especially in artisanal fishing communities. He also worked for the Regional Government of Piura and in the Marine Program of WWF Peru.  Renato earned a Fishery Engineering degree and has a BA in Fisheries Management, both from Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) in Lima, Peru. Renato is based in Piura, Peru.