Fishery Technical Director

Geoff Tingley is SFP’s Fishery Technical Director. Before joining SFP, Geoff was a Principal Scientist at the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries with responsibilities including leading long-term research planning for the deepwater fisheries. In this role, he chaired working groups that peer reviewed science for the deepwater fisheries. Geoff was also New Zealand’s head of Delegation to the Scientific Committee of the South Pacific RFMO and a delegate to the Commission meeting.

Before moving to New Zealand, Geoff worked for 15 years as a principal fisheries management scientist at the UK Government fisheries institute, (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, or Cefas), in Lowestoft. At Cefas, he focused on a wide range of fisheries science and management issues in marine and freshwater fisheries, including work on salmonids, disease issues in aquaculture, and international fisheries sustainability certification (MSC), as well as developing a strategic business development role for Cefas. From 1987 to 1996, Geoff worked at Imperial College in London as a lead scientific and policy advisor on the Falkland Islands squid and finfish fisheries, and represented the UK at the South Atlantic Fisheries Commission. Geoff has also worked as an independent international fisheries consultant since 1987.