Aquaculture Program Director

Anton Immink joined SFP as its first global Aquaculture Director in November 2012. After 12 years working for the consultancy Stirling Aquaculture, where he supported the development of both small- and large-scale farms across Africa and Asia, he brings a wealth of experience of aquaculture production practices from across the world. In addition to experience managing UK Department for International Development projects in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Vietnam, he was involved in the early expansion of aquaculture in Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, and Sierra Leone. Anton also has 3 years’ experience with the Food and Agriculture Organisation, where he worked with governments on the collection and management of aquaculture production statistics. Anton’s original thesis, assessing the social and environmental impacts of grouper cage culture in the mangroves of Thailand, was an early indicator of his desire to foster greater zonal management responsibility amongst all stakeholders (a concept echoed in the SFP AIP model).